About me

Hello there!

My name is Samuel Jensen, one developer with a multicultural background. I was born to German and Polish parents and grew up in Taiwan. This unique blend of cultures has shaped my perspective and instilled a deep appreciation for diversity. Language has always been something special to me. I am most fluent in Chinese, followed by English and German.

I've always been a self-taught developer with a curiosity for technology. I love diving into various aspects of development, whether front-end, back-end, or even with CLIs and tooling. I like trying out different things and playing around with stuff to understand them. The versatility of the developing world continues to amaze and inspire me.

My programming journey began with Typescript, which I've been using at work. While it's been a valuable experience, I'd like to step out there and get to know more. Currently, I'm exploring the world of Rust, uncovering its unique capabilities and potential applications. Learning new things and embracing endless possibilities is something I genuinely enjoy.

I also go by the name "nichtsam". You can look me up on GitHub. Feel free to explore my repositories and see some weird things I've been working on. Thank you for visiting my corner of the digital world. I'm always excited to collaborate and connect with like-minded individuals, so feel free to reach out and share your thoughts or projects.